Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Her Ex

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Miss Cellania's Links

Nixon’s List. A rundown of who those "enemies" really were.

The Secret Service Reportedly Can’t Pay Its Agents Because Of Trump’s Constant Travel And Huge Family. (via Uproxx)

Five Incredibly Powerful Opening Scenes in TV Shows.

The History of White Supremacy in America.

The Man Who Got Rich Off the Gold Rush ... Without the Gold. The folks who really prospered were those who provided goods and services to the prospectors.

An American Werewolf in London Is Still the Best Horror Reimagining. A look back at the 1981 thriller.

NASA's Ambitious Plan To Save Earth From A Supervolcano. And we might produce usable energy as a bonus. (via Digg)

The Devil’s in the Details of These Dark Miniature Scenes. Artist Frank Kunert makes beautiful dioramas, but they each have something weird going on. (via Nag on the Lake)

Why Lottery Winners Make Dangerous Neighbors. It's not because they attract burglars.

Your City's 'Ghost Signs' Have Stories to Tell. Craig Winslow has a unique method of preserving old painted walls without affecting the building itself. (via Metafilter)

Mentally Unstable

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Tiki Torch Nazis

Sandy and Richard Riccardi wrote new lyrics for the tune "Beauty School Dropout" from Grease to reflect current events. (via Everlasting Blort)

Monday, August 21, 2017


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If Student Loan Providers Were Honest

A student just out of high school has plenty of decisions to make, like what to do with their lives, whether to go to college, which college to attend, and what to major in. Many of those decisions will be changed over time. But when you've borrowed money, you have a debt no matter what you eventually decide to do with your life. The latest in Cracked's Honest Ad series looks at those friendly student loan providers who help you breeze through the decision of how to pay for college. You'll learn a few things that go on behind the scenes. What to do about the situation? The video doesn't say much about that.

Vanity Plates

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Explaining the Solar Eclipse

Did you see the eclipse today? It was 97% where I was. Watching the sun turn into a crescent, and then seeing that crescent flip around, was really weird. Some places actually went dark for a couple of minutes. Zach King explains what causes a solar eclipse. Things should return to normal now that the job is done. (via reddit)

Timely Pun

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A Sign

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Miss Cellania's Links

Nebraska's Fearless Maid. How Minnie Freeman saved her students during the blizzard of 1888.

The Last Solar Eclipse. There will come a time when the moon is too far away to produce a solar eclipse.

6 Unexpected Consequences of a Solar Eclipse. Be ready for them.

Confessions of a Costume Curator. Historic garments carry the ghosts of the people who once wore them.

18 Science Fiction Spacesuits, Ranked. They may look cool, but how safe and usable would they be in real life?

The Haunting Magic of Ghost Buildings. They aren't there anymore, but they've left evidence of their existence on the shared walls of the adjacent buildings.

Nixon vs. Ted Kennedy on Health Care. We've been fighting this battle for a long time.

The crackdown on pain medication prescribing is intended to help the addiction crisis -but it’s leaving chronic pain patients in untenable situations.

10 Witty Facts About The Marx Brothers.

Eclipse Kitteh

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Mama Raccoon and Bratty Kit

Motherhood has never been easy, especially when you have several young ones to keep track of. This raccoon has at least two kits, maybe more. When it's nap time, she wants to get them all into the tree where they live so she can get some shut eye. But that last child does not want to cooperate.

This raccoon family was recorded in Leesburg, Virginia. Notice that at about two minutes in, the mother notices the camera operator. She doesn't have time to smile for the camera, at least not until every kit is inside and accounted for. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Know Your Eclipse

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The Great American Eclipse

Astrophysicist  Dr. Andy Howell talks about the Great American Eclipse tomorrow, for those of you who want to be "totally" prepared. Or should I say "totality prepared"?

Tweet of the Day

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Seven Sisters

Are You Above Or Below Average?

How average you are depends on how many different parameters you are looking at. If you look at enough statistics, you'll find some category in which you are exceptional, and that, too, is quite normal. It turns out I am average in almost every way, except for how many children I have, and whether I am above or below the average depends on your definitions. Still, being above or below average does not mean you are abnormal. Then again, you are probably more average than you think you are. All my life I've been told that I'm short, when I have always been the exact average for a woman my age. I knew that. Where people are particularly bad at knowing their own "averageness" is in their intelligence and competence. That's where the Dunning-Kruger Effect and Impostor Syndrome come in.

Our House

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