Thursday, December 14, 2017

Seven Years

Life becomes more precious when you realize how precarious it is. Joy is celebrating the milestones of life. Hope means making plans in spite of your experience.  In 2010, Randall Munroe's  fiancée (now wife) was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. Even after treatment, the only way to know if you beat it is to go on living. 

In 2012, I posted an update as they were celebrating two years cancer-free. It was a relief after following their story for so long. Now he has an update on the story at xkcd

Miss Cellania's Links

Dr. No: The First James Bond Movie. Peruse the trivia behind the film that started it all in 1962.

How Black Voters Lifted Doug Jones Over Roy Moore

5 Fun Ways to Call or Track Santa This Holiday Season. Your children will never forget the experience.

The Rise and Fall and Rise of South Africa’s Ostrich King. Lithuanian entrepreneur Max Rose raised his own birds to decorate European ladies' hats.

In 1932, Rabbi Dr. Akiva Posner and His Wife Rachel of Kiel, Germany, Placed Their Hanukkah Menorah in a Window Facing the Nazi Party Headquarters Across the Street. The family still uses that menorah.

The Doomsday Diet. Cold War bunkers were stocked for survival, not gourmet dining.

All 218 U2 Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best. Kudos to the long-suffering staffers who had to listen to them all enough to get a ranking. 

Cold Weather Safety for Dogs: Insights from a Sled Dog Veterinarian. (via a comment at reddit)

Down the Chimney

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The Latke Recipe

Hanukkah is here, time to cook! Or at least get your recipe for latkes. The Maccabeats sing the recipe for u, set to the tune of “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. The lyrics are at the YouTube page. This is from their album A Maccabeats Hanukkah.  (via Viral Viral Videos)

Due to popular demand, they had to make another video that actually shows us how the latkes are made.

Tweet of the Day

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Fire Station

Sign at a Liquor Store

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Using Amazon Prime for a Good Deed

Rob Bliss lives in New York City, where "same day delivery" means someone will bring what you buy fairly quickly. What would be the greatest good he could use that for? He approached homeless people and asked them what they needed the most. Click, click, click, and someone was on the way to deliver what they told him.
Note: this video is NOT SPONSORED OR AFFILIATED WITH AMAZON. I'm sure this technique could be used with Postmates or whoever else too. I simply wanted to demonstrate how easy and convenient it can be to bring a person in need, what they need, and to encourage that behavior.
That said, Bliss was impressed at how the delivery guys were cheerful and respectful when they delivered the goods. It had to leave them with a good feeling, as well as Bliss and the people who received the warm clothing and other supplies. (via Laughing Squid)

Congratulations, Alabama!

Roy Moore said that we should dispense with all the constitutional amendments after the Bill of Rights. Those are the amendments that abolished slavery and expanded voting rights to non-whites, women, and young people. He ran for senate against Doug Jones, who prosecuted KKK members for murder. The difference made the difference in last night's senate election, along with organized outreach and voter turnout. Alabama is a lot more than just people who would elect a pedophile in order to outlaw abortion. Thank you.

Robot Carries Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch Relay is underway in South Korea, even though the Winter Games in Pyeongchang are still two months away. One of the torch bearers in Daejon on Monday was a Hubo robot from the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. The robot, wearing a stocking cap and nothing elsein the cold weather, took advantage of its time in the spotlight to show off a little, by using a tool to cut through a wall and hand off the torch to the next runner.
According to Olympics news website Inside the Games, it’s not the first robot in history to carry the torch—or even the first one in the 2018 relay. Earlier this year, an “undersea robotic craft helped carry the flame” for a separate stretch of the months-long relay, which involves some 7,500 volunteers. Once the competition in Pyeongchang does kick off in February 2018, approximately 85 robots will be “deployed as volunteers.”
Read more about the robots of the 2018 Olympics at Sploid.

Miss Cellania's Links

Medical Effects of Vegemite and Marmite. They might be good for you, if you can stand them.

This Moment Isn’t (Just) About Sex. It’s Really About Work.

The Groundbreaking Life of the First Black Astronaut. In 1966, Robert Lawrence, Jr. was selected for a space program you've never heard of.

The Little Blue Pill: An Oral History of Viagra. A trial of the blood pressure medicine sildenafil had a strange side effect that made it world-famous.

Banner Ladies: The Human Billboards of Yesteryear. Looking back on a peculiar advertising trend of the 1870s.

The Surprising History of the Kimono. It went from simple body covering to cultural icon during the Edo period.

Confessions of a Star Wars Nerd. No matter how much of a fan you consider yourself, there is always someone who will out-geek you.

Roy Moore Retires From Politics To Spend More Quality Time With Someone's Kid.

A Visit with Santa

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An Honest Trailer for Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Just before we all go see The Last Jedi, Screen Junkies found it necessary to take a look back at the third Star Wars film from 1983. After we waited for what seemed like forever (at the time), we found out how the Rebellion defeated the Empire once and for all. The one that introduced us to the Sarlacc, Luke's twin sister in a bikini, and the Ewoks. Wait a minute- the special edition doesn't have the Yub-Nub song? It seems like the Star Wars you get is heavily dependent on your age. Oh, well. Watch this and get a little more amped up for The Last Jedi, which is only two days away. (Thanks, Lacey!)

Tweet of the Day

He's been elected to office three times, yet he was completely floored to learn that there's no law that requires you to swear an oath of office on the Bible. Watch the rest of the interview here.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Church Happenings

Rise Up

The singing group Y-Studs A Cappella perform Andra Day's "Rise Up" as a Hanukkah celebration. The story accompanying the video is about two lonely young people who find comfort in a Hanukah party while battling the latest round of antisemitism in the U.S. May you have a blessed Hanukkah.


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Thieving Seabird Films Award-Winning Short

Kjell Robertsen lives on the coast of Norway. He set out his GoPro camera to record seagulls eating bread off his railing, but one kleptomaniac bird helped himself to the camera as well as the bread. The camera kept recording. It was five months later that Robertsen finally found his camera with the data intact. Robertson called the incident his "seagull drone." The footage won him a GoPro Award, even though it was technically the seagull who filmed it. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Church Sign

How Star Wars was Saved in the Edit

George Lucas made a little movie back in 1976. You may have heard of it. Star Wars was unwatchable to the few filmmakers who got to see it. But it was an important project for Lucas, one he'd already poured his best efforts into. So they went back and re-edited the entire thing. When I say "they," I mean the production team, but the magic that took place in the re-edit was due to the talents of Marcia Lucas, George's wife at the time. 

David Welsh of RocketJump Film School goes through how the rough cut was changed into what we now know as Star Wars: A New Hope. You'll see a lot of the rough footage that was deleted and how it was changed -and even more important, why it was changed. You can see why Marcia Lucas won an Oscar for editing the movie, along with Paul Hirsch and Richard Chew. (via Metafilter)